1920's Jeanne Paquin Colorful Beaded Silk-Tulle Flapper Dress
ID: 21133
Size: S
Condition: Excellent
$2400.00 USD

The House of Paquin was opened on the rue de la Paix in 1890 by Jeanne Paquin (1869-1936). The establishment was very successful and grew to be one of the largest fashion houses in Paris, with branches in London, Madrid, and Buenos Aires. This is a very rare garment that needs a bit more explanation. The dress was produced when Mademoiselle Madeleine was head designer under the watchful eye of Madame Paquin. This is a hand-beaded, authorized piece, that would have been completely overseen by Mademoiselle Madeleine and was the way Paquin would have produced ready-to-wear for their clients. These were only produced for a small window of time until the early 1930's when Madame Paquin retired.
This breathtaking beaded flapper has a stunning combination of colors and novelty designs. The base is an ivory silk that is remarkably sound. The overlay is a beautiful black silk-tulle which gives an illusion design. The scenic cherries and floral pattern is made of thousands of tiny glass beads that have a faint metallic sheen to them. Pinks and bright blues mix with deep olives and coppers; giving almost an ombre-gradient affect. You can see the extensive and complicated stitching on the back side of the fabric. A rare find indeed!

Bust:34 inches
Waist:28 inches
Hips:38 inches
Total Length:46 inches

This antique french "Paquin Paris-Reproduction" dress is in excellent wearable condition with no noticeable stains or age-rot. Only signs of age are some missing beadwork and a few pin-holes which do not detract of the garments overall beauty. This item is over 90 years old and is truly stunning!
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