1910's Edwardian Couture White Irish Crochet Lace Handmade Tea Gown


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1910's Edwardian Couture White Irish Crochet Lace Handmade Tea Gown

$2,500.00 USD

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Size: small

Condition: Excellent

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Exceptional "Ben Evans and Co. of Swansea" couture labeled crisp-white handmade Irish crochet-lace tea gown from the ethereal Edwardian era. This beauty is over 100 years old but she reads so fresh. The distinguishing element of Irish crochet lace is breathtaking three-dimensional raised work. This dress has all the attributes favored by serious collectors: unusual large medallions in the lace pattern, a variety of floral motifs and a flattering silhouette. I adore the lean 3/4-length sleeves and banded nipped-waist with back tassel appliqué. The thing I love most about handmade Irish crochet-lace garments is they do not have unsightly seams. The shape of the garment is built-in by hand during the assembly of the individual motifs. Wear a nude slip under for a gorgeous bridal look or a colorful underlay for a dramatic flair. An unforgettable piece of fashion history.

Bust: 34 inches
Waist: 26 inches
Hips: 38 inches
Total Length: 56 inches

This antique "Ben Evans and Co. of Swansea" labeled dress is in excellent wearable condition with no noticeable stains or discoloration. Only signs of wear is a few very minor breaks to the lace. Please message for detailed pictures. Original back metal-snap closures in back and inside bodice net-lining. This garment is over 100 years old and is truly exquisite.