2004 Christian Dior by Galliano Novelty Logo Print Silk Bias-Cut Dress


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2004 Christian Dior by Galliano Novelty Logo Print Silk Bias-Cut Dress

$2,500.00 USD

ID: 0729221

Size: small

Condition: Excellent

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A simply stunning and highly coveted Christian Dior novelty logo pelican bird print sheer silk bias-cut dress. This rare Christian Dior treasure from John Galliano's celebrated 2004 spring-summer collection is a perfect example of his genius. Vogue states that John Galliano didn't go on one of his extensive research trips to come up with the Christian Dior concept for spring but perhaps he just popped across Paris to an exhibition of Marlene Dietrich's clothes that ran this summer. Galliano explains, "It was Marlene but then I thought, who would she be today? Marianne Faithfull, Janis Joplin, Courtney Love, Patti Smith!"
John Galliano is widely considered one of the most innovative and influential fashion designers of the early twenty-first century. He mingled his references in often surprising juxtapositions to create extravagant yet intricately engineered and meticulously tailored clothes. This dress is everything you look for in Galliano era Dior. The fabric itself is a masterpiece; whimsical over-sized letters spelling out Christian Dior with a bold pelican bird print on the softest sheer silk chiffon. The spiritual meaning of pelican birds is one of elevation, enlightenment and wisdom. The low-cut fitted bodice has the prettiest side covered buttons. Such a nod to 1930's design! The draped panel skirting gives the garment a perfect amount of edge. A flattering bias-cut emphasizes a woman's seductive shape without adding any bulk or volume to the actual hips. This is the type of dress you will reach for anytime you want to be noticed. A rare wearable piece of fashion history.

(varies due to bias-cut design)
Bust: 32-34 inches
Waist: 24-26 inches
Hips: up to 38 inches
Length: 46 inches

This 2004 Christian Dior by John Galliano dress is in wonderful condition with no stains, discoloration or alternations. Closes with side covered buttons. Only sign of wear is a pin-sized fray mark which is not noticeable when worn. Please message for a detailed picture. Presents beautifully. Highly wearable and an investment piece that will continue to increase in value.