1925 Henri Bendel Couture Colorful Beaded Floral Silk & Lame Flapper Deco Dress


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1925 Henri Bendel Couture Colorful Beaded Floral Silk & Lame Flapper Deco Dress

$3,800.00 USD

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Size: large

Condition: Excellent

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Vibrant flapper dresses from the early 20th century are perennial favorites and this one is breathtaking! Henri Bendel, established in 1895, was an American upscale women's specialty store based in New York City that sold high-end couture fashion. Henri Bendel was the first retailer to have its own fragrance, offer in-store makeovers and stage fashion show. Henri Bendel was the first retailer to sell Coco Chanel designs in the United States. Our dress dates back to 1925 and as you can see from the pictures, an almost identical version is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The garment's simple unstructured style is so modern; the fine deco floral beadwork is a treasure trove of needle art. The 1920's marked the era of the flapper, who was known for her late nights on the town filled with dancing such dances as the Charleston and the Black Bottom. To accommodate this new lifestyle the fashions changed. A tubular silhouette became the mode as hemlines rose and waistlines dropped. This dress is an excellent example of the style of the period. The clustered colorful sequins are unique in how they are applied, giving a rich three-dimensional quality to the dress. This beauty is fashioned from gorgeous silk-chiffon lavishly embellished with shimmering silver glass beads and lined in rich metallic gold lamé. What a breathtaking party dress for a stylish woman, who uses her clothing as the material from which to create a work of art.

Bust: 40 inches
Hips: 44 inches
Total Length: 40 inches

This 1925 Henri Bendel Couture antique flapper dress is in excellent wearable condition with discoloration, holes or noticeable stains. Gorgeous hand-finishing throughout. Only sign of age is some repair around the arm-holes to secure garment. Please message for any additional images. I wouldn't be surprised if this creation was by a famous designer, as it has all the hallmarks of a French Haute-Couture piece from this era. An investment dress that will increase in value.