1998 John Galliano Wine-Red Patterned Stretch Silk Hourglass Slip Gown


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1998 John Galliano Wine-Red Patterned Stretch Silk Hourglass Slip Gown

$4,000.00 USD

ID: 0522233

Size: small

Condition: Excellent

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An incredibly chic and highly coveted early John Galliano wine-red peacock patterned stretch silk bias cut slip gown dating back to his spring/summer 1998 collection. These early examples of his work are very collectable and are becoming incredibly hard to find. As you can see his own label mirrored his work at Christian Dior during the same time. John Galliano is widely considered one of the most innovative and influential fashion designers of the early twenty-first century. He mingled his references in often surprising juxtapositions to create extravagant yet intricately engineered and meticulously tailored clothes. This dress is everything you look for in early Galliano fashion. The fabric itself is sensational; a flattering mid-weight stretch silk that hugs the body perfectly in the prettiest rich wine-red color. The peacock motif pattern gives the gown wonderful novelty and depth. The thin slip-strap scoop neck plunge is so alluring. The sculpted bias-cut skirting skims the hips while creating a stunning hourglass shape. This is that iconic versatile day to night look every fashionista looks for. A rare wearable piece of fashion history.

(varies due to bias-cut design)
Bust: 32-35 inches
Waist: 25-28 inches
Hips: up to 38
Total Length: 62 inches

This 1998 John Galliano designer gown is in excellent condition with no rips, stains or holes. A wonderful investment piece that will only increase in value.